Oceanic Noiseworks
Sound Design | Music
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Sound Experimentation and Testing

Contact / Grain - Drills

These were all captured using a stereo pair of Cold Gold contact microphones attached to different sections of a power drill. The editing process took a while, but the final recordings worked beautifully when processed within Reaktor.


Fluids Analysis

Inspired by an exercise in sound perception created by Zelig Sound, I spent an afternoon recording water and sounds generated by fluids in both liquid and frozen states. These samples were later processed using a multitude of plugins and spectral techniques to achieve a percussive sound.


Crysis 3 trailer - Sound Redesign

This one is a really old experiment that turned out quite well. I found this trailer to be extremely interesting from a sound design perspective because it lent itself to a very nice combination of organic and synthesised sounds. There's a little bit of everything here; personal recordings, heavily processed library sounds, and even a Korg Monotron somewhere in the mix.


Boolab - Sonic branding

Back in 2012, Boolab launched an invitation to create a short intro for their reel based on the elements of their logo: five circles and four lines. Bre4k jumped at the opportunity to work on this, and invited me to create the sound design for his piece.

If my memory serves me well, we had about 4 hours to get this done. Good times.