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Visual Arabia 2013

Visual Arabia 2013 - Title Sequence and Teaser

Client: Visual Arabia.
Direction and visuals: Bre4k.

Credits: music composition and sound design.

Juan Behrens (a.k.a. Bre4k) and I worked on this project for quite some time. The teaser was produced and released a couple of months before the title sequence, and we worked very hard on creating a cohesive concept.

Cohesive, of course, but still wonderfully diverse and ever-changing. Some people really enjoyed this stuff, and the title sequence was featured in articles by Stash Magazine and Forget the Film, Watch the Titles. If you're interested in the creative process behind this piece, get comfortable and start reading.

Stash Magazine: Juan Behrens Opens Visual Arabia 2013.
Forget the Film, Watch the Titles: Visual Arabia 2013.